Lucia Militello Fine Arts Conservation, is a private practice in art conservation formed in 1993. It specializes in the conservation, restoration and care of fine art object and sculpture collections. Lucia Militello began conservation work in 1985 in Italy.

b. Lucia Militello studied and trained at the prestigious Institute of Central Restoration (ICR) in Rome, Italy where she obtained her BS degree in objects, sculptures and monuments conservation in 1989. She was the recipient of the Andrew Mellon Foundation Fellowship in object conservation and later covered the position of Assistant Conservator at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Sherman Fairchild Center for Objects Conservation. For more than 6 years she was entrusted with the treatment of the Greek and Roman collections while maintaining a practice as a freelance conservator and consultant to numerous collectors, foundations and museums

c. Lucia Militello is a full range Fine Arts Conservation PracticeThe practice employs one additional permanent staff; however, should any additional assistant conservators and technicians be required, they can be employed on short time notice and perform any scale and number of artifacts treatments projects required.

d. LM practice is located in downtown Manhattan in New York City and travels to site-specific locations upon request.
The studio has the space and facilities to perform conservation and treatment of small to medium size projects.
LM, has an extensive experience in working with collections of sculpture and decorative arts from antiquity, contemporary and modern period and styles. One of LM main assets is her skill versatility and approach adaptability. LM works extensively on outdoor monuments, public art, archaeological artifacts and antiquities collections. LM specializes in the treatment of the following materials: All metal types, stone, mosaic murals (venetian glass, tiles, stone, terrazzo and archeological types), polychrome wood and polychrome ceramic, ceramic and glazed ceramic (majolica), terracotta, plaster, porcelain, concrete, bone (including ivory) and glass. LM practice maintains a close working relationships with other field specialties art conservators, preservation and conservation scientists, masonry and mosaic artisans, installers and mount makers, art handlers and packers, riggers and fine art shippers in order to accommodate and meet all clientele and meet the artifacts specific needs.

265 Lafayette Street, suite #A12, New York, NY 10012

Lucia Militello Fine Art Conservation, Tel-917-5235760, E-Mail:

e. LM is able to provide a wide range of services related to collections care and management. These include both general and artifact oriented collection surveys, collections cataloguing, customized maintenance planning and environmental control. LM takes pride in offering professional assessments, including damage control consultations services when collections need to be packed and moved from locations. LM will find practical solutions to problems of storage and display, including provide your artifacts with custom made, environmentally controlled display cases.

Within the 27 years of professional practice Lucia Militello has built an individual reputation based on the ability to provide high quality, ethical and esthetically refined conservation and restoration of works of art understanding the complexities posed by the art materials their history and manufacture. LM always looks at the artifact historic context and when available the specific artist techiques and data. LM background, experience, talent and dedication to the art profession led to establish one of the most successful and prolific career collaboration with world renowned Italian Artist Arnaldo Pomodoro. Arnaldo Pomodoro personally recommends Lucia Militello services to all his US based collectors or art organizations for the conservation treatment of his distinctive sculptures.

LM is concerned with a cost and time effective, straightforward and safe approach to solving problems. The completion of projects on time is an important factor to the practice professional reputation. LM practice is interested in establishing and maintaining long-standing relationships and communication with its clients. LM always develops custom specific treatments for all projects in hand.

Prior to any treatment, LM recommends performing an extensive artwork examination and provides the client with a detailed examination and treatment proposal and cost estimate. Upon clients and projects specifics needs, professional conservation scientists can be employed to execute analytical test and authentication studies. LM examination and treatment reports and treatment proposal services are technical and detailed oriented.

LM offers custom tutorials and workshops to educate collectors and art professionals on wide range topics including but not limited: basic conservation theory and principles, light hands on practice with dusting, dry or wet basic cleaning techniques; proper handling, packing and maintenance of their collection weather on exhibition display or housed in storage facility.