I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself.  My name is Lucia Militello and I have been working in art conservation all my life.  Growing up in Italy, I was inspired by the magnificence of the past, granted life through the wonders of artistry.  This enchantment led me to the Istituto Centrale Del Restauro in Rome, and eventually to become a recipient of the Andrew W. Mellon Fellowship and a continued working relationship with the Metropolitan museum of Art’s Department for Objects Conservation.  Throughout my years in New York City, I have worked for the Italian Cultural Institute, the mosaic projects commissioned by the MTA, and the NYDOE, as well as several galleries, private collectors, art and antique dealers and regional art museums.  While my specialty is art conservation and restoration of historical and archeological objects and sculptures, my passion has always been fueled by the healing and transcendent experience of art to the viewer.  I furthered that goal by branching out into the field of art therapy, recently graduating with an MPS in Creative Arts Therapy from Pratt Institute.  

o ExaminationandTreatmentassessment
o Conditionsurveys
o BeforeandafterTreatmentproposals,fullreportinguponrequest
o Photographic documentation, video documentation
o Preventive Conservation Assessment: relative humidity,light,air pollution, monitoring, data logging and indoor microclimate environmental condition control.
o Mountmaking,Exhibitioncasedesign,materialssafetycontrolandtesting o Environmentalconsultationservicestoartorganizationsandprivate collections
o ShorttolongtermArtCollectionsMaintenancePlanning
o Custom maintenance solutions; ensuring the long-standing stability of treated artwork
o Seasonal protection and maintenance of outdoors sculpture sand collections
o Custom art Packaging, Storage solutions
o Treatment reversibility
o Quality control, aging properties for materials employed in treatment
o Highest safety standards maintained
o Collections management, database systems
o Causes of deterioration: types of deterioration
o Basic qualitative and quantitative composition of diversified materials
o Aestheticandhistoricinstances:suitabilityofsolutions
o Manufacture,Technical,arthistorystudies
o Authenticationstudies
o Exhibit,Displaydesignsolutions
o PestControlsolution.Toxicfreealternativestofumigation
o MaterialSpecificHandlingProtocols
o Referral,Consulting,Coordination,Supervision,troubleshootingoffinearts

movers, riggers contractors. Including but not limited to: Disassembling, transportation and Installation. Ensuring the stability of artifacts employing damage control approaches and strategies